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Ride into the future

"The scooter is awesome, I love the display and the Bluetooth speakers sound cool. Smooth ride, good brakes. "

-Josh, Phoenix AZ

Ready for your weekend cruise or weekday commute

to crazy high gas prices

Operation Cost

Urbomo Scooter
.03¢ per mile
Average Car (25mpg)
20¢ per mile

Long Range & Convenient Feautures

Bluetooth Speakers

100 miles

 Max Estimated Range
Rear Cargo Case
Motor Power


Portable Battery


Choose your Urbomo Scooter from two range options and four bold colors.



Free Shipping is available to the lower 48 states! Expect your moped to arrive within 14 days. 



Need maintenance? We have your back. All Urbomo purchases include free replacement parts for 6 months.


Your commute just got a lot more fun!

The Electric Urbomo Moped is designed to make your commute fun and green. The sleek machine gives you all the fun of driving without any of the hassles or expenses.


What makes the Urbomo Scooter so special?

Technologies like you've never seen before come together to give you a smooth, powerful ride. A superior suspension system and low center of gravity allow for a stable ride to give you more control.


How can I get maintenance parts?

Urbomo is committed to making sure your scooter lasts as long as possible. As such, you can order any replacement part you need from us by contacting us at

How can my Urbomo Scooter be charged?

Your Urbomo Scooter comes with a charger that can be plugged into any wall outlet. You can plug it directly into the portable battery, or keep the battery in the scooter and charge via the port on the outside of the scooter.

How long does shipping take?

You will typically receive your Urbomo scooter within 14 days of your order. In many cases your scooter will arrive much faster. In special circumstances we will notify you within 48 hours of your order if there will be a delay.

Referral Bonus

Want to refer a friend or family member to purchase an Urbomo Scooter? Tell them to let us know and you will get a $100 bonus. Your friend will get $50 off their order as well. 

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